Samstag, 2. Juni 2007

moving to typepad

Hi all,

from now on you can find my blog here:

The reason is easy: Weblog services

cya there

Montag, 28. Mai 2007

Five most popular apps on Facebook

i am missing video...

In my recent post ‘More thoughts on Facebook’s new platform‘, I likened the social network’s new offering as having similar traits to an operating system: embracing third party developers who are given the hooks to build apps that take advantage of a unified UI, and large installed user base.

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open or not ...?

These pictures are remembering me to actual discussions in germany if social networks/online ecosystems should be open for widgets or not!

Picasa Style Online Photo Editing With F8: Picnik

Good move!

Here my test. It is easy.

Photo Hosting at

Online photo editing continues to be a hot market. From Flektor, Slide and others with a MySpace focus, to Adobe’s development of an online version of Photoshop later this year, there’s a lot on offer or soon coming to a browser near you.
Seattle based

Picnik has grown an audience without gaining much attention.


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Sonntag, 27. Mai 2007

Digg API Visualization Contest Delivers Apollo Powered Applications

good story!

The Digg API Visualization Contest held to celebrate the launch of the Digg API is now in its final stages with 10 shortlisted candidates.
Four of the ten finalists are Abode Apollo based applications, remarkable for a platform launched just over 2 months ago.

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iLike: By Far the Most Popular Facebook Application

We have to keep an eye on this. Top 3 widgets and apps usage will be like myspace in my opinion!

Facebook’s new Developer Platform has been live for nearly a day, and data is coming in on which third party applications are the most appealing to Facebook users. The top application, by far, is music service iLike. They currently have just under 40,000 Facebook users, more than the rest of the top ten applications combined.

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PayPerPost Now Lets Bloggers Set Their Price

The start of widget monetization ...

PayPerPost, the controversial blogging service that lets advertisers purchase commentary on blogs, has released a new product called PayPerPost Direct. The new product is a widget that bloggers can add to their blogs that announces their willingness to sell blog posts.


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